New Day for CJ

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This week marks a milestone in Cruizin’ Jupiter. We are very excited to introduce Glenn Mayne as our newest member to Cruizin’ Jupiter! Glenn will add a whole dimension to the band that will set our show apart from anything out there! A master at many instruments, Glenn will be performing a variety of tasks for the band, including guitars, guitar synthesizers, vocals, and bass guitar, adding a dimension to the band that has never been seen before. As a guitar player, he will help us cover the many two guitar band songs that require a second guitar. Guitar synthesizer will allow us to cover many different styles of music, including strings, horns, keyboards, and voices. These are not backing tracks, but notes truly played on an instrument from the stage! His accomplishments and versatility on guitar synth are amazing! Glenn will also switch to bass guitar from time to time, allowing our own Dave Gardner some time out front singing.
Glenn is no stranger to the Detroit music scene, having played with the band Motherload, he has opened for many national acts including Lynyrd Skynrd, Tesla, Alice Cooper, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Dokken, and Firehouse among others. He has also played with a few well known Detroit area cover bands, including Jane Doe.
We have 2 great shows lined up this weekend. Friday we are back at the always fun and exciting Rochester Mills Beer Company and Saturday we are at one of our favorite venues, B. Boomers in Allen Park
Come out to a show and welcome Glenn to the band! This is going to be CJ fun X10!